Aerial Photography Services

STL From Above offers many types of aerial coverage. Planning a 5k race? Aerial photos and video can quickly cover large parts of the route. Did your company just move into a beautiful downtown building? Show it off to your clients with an aerial shot showing how close you are to the Arch. Sick of climbing up on the roof to show the repairmen where the HVAC unit is? A drone can zip up there in a flash to capture photos and video of the roof access, structure, and machinery that you can't see from the ground.

STL From Above LLC is licensed and insured for commercial operations. Please allow extra time for flights to be approved by the FAA when locations are near airports; this includes downtown St. Louis.

Aerial Event Photography

Large outdoor events are hard to cover with a ground-based photographer. Photos 'From Above' can really bring the WOW factor to your pictures.


Architectural Photography

Show off the new building you just moved into and its surrounding area. Or, if you're looking to sell your building, show it off with a stunning shot from above.


Roof Inspections/Imagery

Leave the ladder climbing to the professionals. Show the exact location on an overall shot of the roof, then detailed images of machinery or HVAC units.